Latest 2022 Paintings

While on vacation visiting my family in B.C. I did this project, for my granddaughter, who teaches at a preschool. It will be a visual aid for her 3 & 4 year olds. It depicts the 4 layers of a forest. The painting was done in mainly acrylic paints, but the forest floor with all its details was done in coloured pencil. ..... just didn't have a small enough brush to fill in the ground!

This Cutie has been such a special companion during a client's sickness.

Now she has been immortalized with a portrait.... created in pen & ink, with graphite and a touch of colour for her eyes. For any reason or occasion, a pet portrait is special.

Such Beautiful eyes and such an adorable expression. This portrait started with a pen & ink drawing, then graphite pencil was added to get the grey colour. ... and of course those eyes were painted in acrylic. This is a keepsake for the owner!!

I am really enjoying doing pet portraits this year. Sadly this dog is in doggy heaven, but hopefully this pen & ink drawing - with graphite pencil - will give the owner some wonderful lasting memories

Although this pen & ink portrait was completed in time for a Christmas gift, this is it's first "exhibition" of 2022.