Art classes - pen & ink

Find out just how creative you can be

no matter what your expertise is

Learn how to create pen & ink drawings by attending an art class. The two techniques (stippling & hatching) will be taught, along with an opportunity for each student to practice, before deciding on which technique to use for the first drawing/painting. No previous experience in drawing or painting is needed to take this course. The course will cover many aspects of creating a piece of artwork, such as;- when to use Pen & Ink; shadows & highlights; contrast; making an object appear 3D; and techniques used for buildings, trees, animals and flowers .... the list is endless.

Watercolour may be added to the drawing and step by step instructions will be provided to complete a painting that you will be proud of.

2022 Classes are held at Activity Haven Community Center

on Barnardo Avenue in Peterborough

Each class runs for 25 hours, 2.5 hours each week for 10 weeks, on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Contact Pam for more info

There are no classes during the summer months but

two Fall classes will be offered again, starting the last week of September, 2022 .

The Tuesday class is for previous "advanced" students, however the Thursday class is for beginners and all levels.

Cost is $125 for the 10 week class, $30 annual membership to A.H. & $2 weekly user fee.

Registration is on Tuesday Sept. 13 and Thursday Sept. 15.

You may reserve a spot by contacting Pam before Sept. 12.

If you would like more information, or like to be on the mailing list for notification of registration, please

contact Pam

or email at

This barn is on the way to Lakefield from Peterborough. Originally the Bell farm, it is now under new ownership and the colour of the barn and buildings have changed.

A barn is always a great project for beginners where crooked lines don't matter! This is a hatching technique and step by step instructions are given for each project. Size is approximately 13" X 10"

The other pen & ink technique is stippling ..... just a lot of dots. Florals are a great choice for this technique.

Another stippling drawing with colour added. A challenging project for the more advanced student.

All the art projects are worked from a photograph, and Terry Phillips supplied this one. The hatching technique was used for this one.

Hutchison House, in Peterborough, ON is an historical building that is open to the public. A hatching technique project.

For the more advanced student, this street scene used the hatching technique and the painting in watercolour was a challenge too. Worth the effort though

Art classes are not just for women! Although instructor Pam supplies most of the photographs, students are welcome to supply their own photographs.