How can I help you?

What does commissioned artwork mean?

This is artwork that the client asks for, that is not currently available, as it is yet to be created by the artist. It would have specific requirements that make it an original, personal, custom piece.

The Pet Portraits shown, - are any of these drawing sketches for sale?

No, they have already been purchased, but you can obtain your own, personal, pet portrait, by contacting Pam. See the Pet Portrait Page for more info and then contact Pam

Do I supply the photographs or can you come and take them?

Yes and Maybe Yes! - depending on your location.

My location is by the zoo in Peterborough. There is a charge of 61c per km. to cover my car expenses, but for the first 20km. there will not be a charge for my travelling time. After 20km, will incur a time factor fee. Further visits - eg. delivery - will incur the 61c per km charge for my whole journey and a time factor fee. However, you are welcome to come to my art studio for pickup or shipping arrangements can be made.

Photography time is at a minimal rate.

What if I am too far away for either of us to travel?

Not a problem - Technology is wonderful. Photos can be emailed, a photo/scan of the final artwork will be emailed to you for approval, and I have a reasonable delivery service .... but sorry, at your expense.

How far in advance do I have to let you know for you to do a pet portrait for a special occasion?

Allowing a month is a safe bet. However, If I receive good photos ASAP after we have connected and it is not a popular seasonal event, the artwork can be ready for pick up in 2 weeks.

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