Pet Portrait

"How much is that doggie in the ...?"

Now you have that special pet, you can have a forever keepsake, with a portrait.

It's always a pleasure to create a pet portrait, that becomes a treasure for the owner and makes a wonderful gift.

A few options are available - a pen & ink head & shoulders drawing, (often with graphite added, for "colour") with just the eyes highlighted in colour, or a colourful portrait painting of the whole body, or a genuine pet rock.

All require the availability of photograph(s) of good quality and resolution , of just the head and shoulders of the pet, for the first option, or a full body pose for the second.

The pen & ink portraits are drawn approximately 5.5" to 7" wide X 8" to 9" deep so that with a mat they will fit into a standard 13" X 10" frame.

Prices for this size range from $160 to $195 Cdn. As an option, an acid free matt & backing can be added for $25.

Other sizes and of course the colour option, can be accommodated. Photos, size and specifications will be required for a price estimate.

You can request a quote by going to the

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This was such a special art commission for me. The cutest pen & ink pet portrait I have done. Sadly Lacey is in doggie heaven, but this drawing will be a lasting memory for her owner.

Another cutie! As this pet was grey in colour, graphite pencil was added to the pen & ink drawing, then a touch of acrylic for the eye colour.

A larger (13.75" X 19") painting of this beautiful Golden Retriever shows another option for a pet portrait.

Are two heads better than one? Best friends can also be portrayed together and still fit into a 10" X 13" frame.

Cost around $250.

This special dog was a close companion and a valuable service dog, to one special lady, who has had to overcome many challenges in her life.

It was an honor to do Mia's portrait.

How can you not love this adorable face

These eyes are just begging for a hug!

Since this is a very grey cat, it was created with a pen & ink drawing, then graphite pencil was added to get the grey colour. Finally the beautiful eyes were coloured with acrylic.

Yes, you are seeing double! This is a second painting of Misty. Size 13.75" X 11". This portrait was first drawn with an outline and some details in pen & ink, on watercolour paper, then acrylic paint was added.

This is unique - 4 portraits of a family's pets. The 2 on the left are now deceased, but kept alive as a living memory in this portrait, accompanied by the 2 living pets on the right. Such a heart warming project for me to do.

The size of this painting is 17.5" X 11.5"

For a genuine "Pet Rock" here is an example of a pet collie painted on local granite rock. Rocks are of various colours, usually around 7" high and 8' - 9" wide at the base.. A protective finish is applied so the rock can be kept clean with a damp cloth.

Prices are from $265

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creativeinksartstudio@gmail .com or click here